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a Hawkins and Jay musical

My Heart Says Go is a new musical about Indigo, a third year med student who defies his father by dropping out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. The musical follows Indigo as he struggles to find his authentic voice. My Heart Says Go is a celebratory anthem about following your heart and never giving up on the people you love.


Demo Cast List:

INDIGO - Jorge Rivera-Herrans

ELISEO - Rick Negrón

CLARA - Talia Suskauer

CAROL - Jessie Mueller

CONDUCTOR - Bethany Thomas

TIMMY - José "Tony" García

BREE - Mili Diaz
GRACE - Morgan Siobhan Green
CHANCE - Aaron Alcaraz
TUCK - Eric Peters

ENSEMBLE - Dorcas Leung, Leah Platt, Troy Iwata, Peter Surace

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